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The Hospital was established in the year 1969 under the dynamic leadership of Dr.K.Narayanan, Rtd CMO(Department of Homoeopathy). Due to his aspiration to provide quality treatment, education and encouragement, the institution has grown up in…

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The Hospital was established in the year 1969 under the dynamic leadership of Dr.K.Narayanan, Rtd CMO(Department of Homoeopathy). Due to his aspiration to provide quality treatment, education and encouragement, the institution has grown up in all fronts to a fully functional 24 hour working fully equipped Homoeopathic Hospital with inpatient facility in Central Travancore. A maximum number of cures for the diseases hitherto considered as incurable, through Homoeopathy without compromising on any quality aspect and at most affordable expenses.

We are passionately committed to assuring human wellbeing since 1969.0ur mission is to implement new education techniques In Homoeopathy to enable quality learning, by encouraging independent thinking and developing wholesome personality so that they can contribute their best to society and thereby to our nation.

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Homoeopathy has been widely used in cancer treatments, but also to reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery and prevent metastasis of cancer. Cancer in Prostate, tongue, breast, bone, bladder, uterus, lips, leukemia, pancreas, lymph nodes etc. has so many solutions in homoeopathy world without painful treatments. The scope of homoepathy for cancer management varies depending on the type of cancer, stage, patient etc.
Muscle Cramps, Varicose veins, broken bones, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Cervical spondylosis, Disc prolapse, ganglion, calcaneal Spur, Gangrene are became common issues in life after middle adulthood. Homoeopathy can bring a solution for all these and is a medicine of future.
Neurological ailments can become severe at times which affects the healthy life. Homoeopathic treatment provides a deeper cure so that the affected individuals can leda a normal life as much as possible. The common neurological disorders are: epilepsy, neuralgia, OCD, hysteria, speech disorders, involuntary movements, etc.
Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, acidity, travel sickness, pancreatitis, liver & spleen enlargement, gall bladder stone, hernia – hiatus, inguinal, umbilical, femoral, fistula, int’l & ext’l hemorrhoids, fissures, anal tag, rectal prolapse
One way to avoid heart failure is to manage symptoms with homoeopathic medicines. It can treat the causes of heart failure, like high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol plaques in arteries, abnormal heart rhythms.
Skin is the most sensitive and largest organ of the human body. Skin infections can occur anywhere in the body. Homoeopathy has proved very effective in skin diseases as it cures the the basic cause of the diseases, but also the immune factors of the patient. It has very effective & safe treatments in allergies, warts, ringworm, eczema, white spots, psoriasis, excessive offensive sweating, urticarial, cracks in heels, soles, palms, lichen planus. Nail deformities, premature greying can also solved by homoeopathy.
ENT related ailments include the inflammations, aural vertigo, polyps, sinusitis, bleeding, allergies , deviated nasal septum, snoring, tonsillitis.can be cured by strengthening body’s vital force via Homoeopathy instead of antibiotics.
Homoeopathic treatment provides safe & quick relief in viral fevers & diseases – covid 19, post covid symptoms, flu, chicken pox, mumps, shingles, measles, rubella, herpes zoster, toxoplasmosis, HPV.
Homoeopathic medicines are best suited to improve Sexual weakness, Erectile dysfunctions, Premature ejaculation, Prostate enlargement, Phimosis, Scrotal hernia, Warts, Urinary infections, Retention of urine, Low sperm count, Under developed testis, gynecomastia, varicocele.
A sick who has not only physical symptoms but also internal feelings. Loss of sleep, anxiety disorders, deaddictions, mania, depression, excess anger are very common in our modern life style.
Homoeopathic remedies are often helpful in Kidney stones, bladder control problems, cystitis, bladder infections, blood in urine, urinary infections, hydronephrosis, bedwetting in children , retention of urine. This stream of medicine accelerates the restorative process of body & also help to strengthen muscles. Hence Homoeopathy replaces surgical interventions in your healthy life.
Homoeopathy has proven wonderful results in low SpO2 levels, athma, & other pulmonary diseases.
Homoeopathy solves the vision problems, Conjuctivitis, Styes, lachrymal Cyst, dry eyes, Cataract, Chalazion & diabetic neuropathy .
Anemia, Under weight, Low immunity, Mumps, Measles, Autism, hyperactivity with learning problems, epilepsy, HFMD, bedwetting, adenoids, tonsillitis, worm troubles are the main problems that affects the growth of child. Homoeopathy brings a solution to this without any side effects & cures the root of disease.
Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine which successfully treats & cures the complicate issues that women face with their health & body. Some of the major problems are PCOD, Vaginal Infections, Premenstrual syndrome, Painful menses, Leucorrhea, Vaginal discharges, Cysts, Fibroids, Uterine Prolapse, Urinary infections, Post Delivery , Breast lumps, low milk.


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